Case studies


At Ranson UK every project is a Big Project! We value your custom and take great pride in helping our landlords and clients achieve their goals by providing advice and guidance in terms of long and short term explansion and relocation.


Read below how we've helped businesses both large and small.

Lycatel Mobile:

Ranson UK helped Lycatel save money on rents paid on unused business premises. We found tenants to assign the leases of 4 Lycatel properties, within 8 weeks we found tenants for 2 of the 4 sites!


Ranson UK had developed a relationship with the company and noticed that 4 of their properties were closed or underperforming whilst the company were paying large rents to occupy the premises. We offered to conduct free site surveys and having looked around the sites advised Lycatel that we could find new tenants for each property and have the leases assigned resulting in a save over £150,000 in rents. At Ranson UK we establish long term relationships with our clients and believe in looking at your best interests even after a deal has been done. This includes constantly profiling potential opportunities for you to save and make money from your properties and/ or business premises.

SPAR Convenience cash and carry

Due to the economic downturn our client was struggling to pay the property rent and needed a way to decrease costs.  Ranson UK found a tenant to share the premises and save our client almost 20% in rents.


Our client had heard of our ability to seek out practical solutions for retailers struggling with business premises and booked a consultation. Ranson UK visited the site and saw that the layout of the building would make it possible to share possession without disrupting business. To protect the reputation of the business our client did not want a board displayed. For this reason we put together a bespoke discreet marketing campaign directly contacting our investors and other people in the area who had expressed an interest in securing business premises for rent.